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A&e all day, GREAT

Hi ladies, I've been in hospital all day today. My pains rocketed through the roof today been coming in a few days, so my husband called an ambulance and I was let out after pain was under control, lots of drugs later I'm home, they considered doing a CT to see if stones then decided against it after seeing how many scans I've had, said go home and arrange with gp if carry's on, but I know it's a mixture of endo and constipation and perhaps bladder as it hurts more and more to wee and I do in abundance, xx

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Hi Tracy I'm sorry you've had such a horrid day. I hope the meds are helping. Rest up sweetie and look after yourself. Sending gentle hugs.

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Thanks Jean, meds have defo kicked in and I've had a poo lol, so much better, just keeping fingers crossed that I don't feel that dad for a while xxx


Yeah I hope so to Hun. I just wish I could get your op bought forward so you could finally get some relief. Take care Hun I'm going to try again to get some sleep. Not doing too well with that tonight.


Hi hun do you think its gallstones?

I have them and pain is intense xx


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