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This is a mind field :/

Help please!

So last year I had the Lletz procedure where they removed a few mm of my cervix due to abnormal cells... I then went back 6 months later for a check up smear, some abnormal cells still there so had another colposcopy and was told it would clear up in a few months

Recently I've been waking up in the middle of the night literally crying in pain like someone has stabbed me in the abdominal area. Ouch!! I have no regular period cycle any more it's more like a dark brown colour when it happens and the pain is in both ovaries (as time goes the pain swaps in each side as to which is worse, currently it's the right hand side)

I've been for a pelvic ultrasound and it's come back as 'normal'

I'm sorry but this is not normal... I used to have majorly heavy painful periods when I was younger sometimes having to miss school!

I was on depot injection up until December 2014 now on a mini pill.

I'm going back to see the doc in a few weeks but I need advice on what to say next... What do I push for in regards further examination

Thank you all in advance

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