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Boss harassing me for too much time off work

I'm sure most of you understand how shit it is to go to work when you're in pain. I am a dental hygienist which I think is a stressful physical and psychological job and in my line of work it's easy to catch colds  and hard to work (and quite dangerous) when you have a cold or are in pain. 

A couple of weeks ago I managed to subluxate a few posterior ribs. So am off work. Saw the dr again yesterday who said I can go back to work next week but only for 4 hours a day as 8 hours will be too much especially working in the posture I have to be in. 

Anyway when I told my boss the news. She flipped out at me. Said that that's not helpful and that she'd rather have me there full time or not at all. And that I have had 6 weeks off sick since last August (which is definately true, due to colds, period pain, having my lap op and now my rib injury). And she said that I have caused them to lose $35000! 

I was just shocked by her saying this and I thought to myself I'm pretty sure that is harassment. Just makes me feel worse than I already do. 

Has anyone else ever had problems with their boss having too much time off? 


Hayley :) 

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I think her reaction is awful; given you put dollar signs up in terms of money, which country are you in (Australia, Canada, US, New Zealand) as there are different protections for those who have long-term chronic conditions depending on your country. Here in the UK there are protection laws although not all conditions are covered and endo in particular can be difficult as it doesn't always have a 'daily impact' on someone but as we know can affect us regularly. If you have one locally, (or even via the internet) see if you can get advice from a citizens advice centre. If you are with a union, they may also be able to help/direct for further information and advice.

If possible, keep a diary of when you are absent; I always found it helpful to work extra hours when I was healthy (or at least not in as much pain) and use this to off-set when I'm off ill. As I said, however, depending on your country you may not have as much flexibility; European laws around illness, etc. tend to be a little better than those elsewhere. I used to live in both Canada and the US and found their employment laws were very harsh and not particularly employee-focused!

One might argue - regardless of your country - that it is sex discrimination as only women have periods and thus need to take absences due to periods but again, (and sorry to keep saying it) it depends on where you live and work as to what protection you have.

Chin up - I know it's hard....


Hi Maria

Thanks for your reply. I am in New Zealand. Here I think we have quite good laws. And we also have ACC which covers us in terms of injury so for my rib injury I am getting 80% of my wages paid even though I'm not at work. Which is coming from ACC not my boss... And I found out that it is after 8 weeks on ACC continuously that they can not hold your job. I have only been off for 2 weeks. So she doesn't really have a leg to stand on. And I have always had medical certificates when needed. I also contacted the labour separate and reported it but as its only happened once for now can't do anything but if it happens again I can get mediation involved. It was disgusting how she spoke to me.


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