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17 and worried about endometriosis

Hello, I'm 17 years old and I've been getting a lot of pain in my right side right by my ovary but I do get it on the left occasionally , it feels a lot like ovulation pain but worse and it has been about a week since it started, I was supposed to get my period 2 days ago and I still haven't. I suffer from extreme health anxiety so obviously I jumped straight to cancer, i have since calmed myself and I know that I am being silly! Does this sound like endometriosis? I should also mention that I don't have the pain all through out the day, but mostly constant in the evenings! I have booked a doctors appointment but I just want to ease my mind a bit as the worry of this is making me lose sleep and I'm in the middle of sitting my a levels!! Any ideas?? Xxx

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I'd suggest you get it checked, your GP might send you for a scan and cysts could be seen then but they'll only confirm endometriosis through a laparoscopy. If you suspect endometriosis then ask for a referral to a specialist. Everyone will say that on here but check out the nearest centre to you and tell your GP to refer there if you need to. 

I went to GP when I couldn't sleep through the night cos of the pain. It was worse when I slept and it was endometrioma cysts on my ovaries. I've found them very painful but worse on a night and especially bad when I lay down. 

Good luck, I hope it's something and nothing. If it's endo, you'll find lots of support on here x

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Thank you, yes the pain does definetly get worse when sitting/lying down x


I think the same I ended up in gynae a year ago due to pain in right ovary area but also lower left pelvic pain that was worse when lying down I was giving a scan showed a 3cm folilucar cyst but had already been waiting for an appointment to come through from gynaecology but due to the pain I was in even my doctor suspected endo but only way for sure to get dignosed with endo is to be refered for a laprostopy but scan will show whether ur cysts are full of endometriosis but please push for a referral and wish u the best of luck xx

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