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Severe endo -advice please

Hi ladies.

I'm after some advice please.

Last time I went to see my consultant they were pretty sure I had deep tissue endo. They shoved me on the decapeptyl injections to see. I have my next appointment on Tuesday so I want to get a bit of advice before I go.

As the injections haven't worked, with the homework I've done I think it will be confirmed as deep tissue. Because of this and investigations on this site I think they have to refer me to a specialist hospital. I was wondering how I can get proof that This has to be done. is there a paper or law that I can refer too?? Thanks in advance.


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Hi - click on my name and have a look at my posts on the treatment pathway and on how to find a specialist centre. If you are in England it is your right through NHS Choices to go to a centre, especially with suspected deep endo. If you are outside England then you will rely on the BSGE requirement that severe disease must only be dealt with in a centre so a consultant who suspects severe disease must refer you to one or they will be in breach of their RCOG registration.


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