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Feeling alone and let down

I'm am 20 and have been having pains and EVERYTHING else that come with Endo for the past 5 years. I am finally being looked into for it and have also been through numbers is scan and now been referred for a lap. I have had a phone call saying that it's not going to be done for at least 9-12 months! I am absolutely distraught. I feel like I'm living on the edge and that there is no one I can turn to. I have a history of infertility in my family and knowing this may be the case with myself to scares me beyond relief. Does anyone know if any way I could possibly speed up the progress with out going private??? I've been private for consultations but can't afford the lap. I can't get through the next year with this still playing on my brain and a possible diagnosis. Would really appriciate some advice 😟

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The nhs procedure states 18 from refferal but I don't think there are many consequence if they go over, my lap has just been changed from 3 months wait to 6, and like you I'm gutted, I'm in pain most days, and have now been signed off, you can get in contact with pals, but I don't know how that works, good luck xx


You have a right to be treated elsewhere if the nhs can't treat you within the 18 week period. Have a look at the nhs constitution waiting times and your rights xx


Lindle can you help with this?


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