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Hi everyone, haven't posted in a while due to just being tired and down. Basically my last Gynocology appointment I was told to take back to back pill for 6 months. It's been 2 months and to be honest I am not better if not worse I feel like my body is telling me somethings wrong. To be honest I'm not really prepared to wait another 6 months. Do you think I would be able to ring up my Gynocology department and explain its not working and how I'm not prepared to wait another 4 months when there's no change. I want something done I can't live like this. Thanks in advance  you for any information you can give me. Hope everyone is doing as well as they can xx

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I would try Hun I did a few weeks ago and got an appointment xx

In short, YES. I was told something similar and then when I read a laparoscopy was the only sure way to diagnose and treat endo, I pushed literally every day for one. I ended up going private through work insurance but I do know ladies who have chased on the NHS and got a quicker appointment by stressing how bad (and worsening) their physical symptoms are (I found they didn't respond as well to all the mental symptoms). Make it a mission to push even though I know how crappy you feel. X 

if your symptoms have got worse i would ring your consultants secretary to explain and get an appointment in clinic. i had to do this myself last year and was told to give it at least 3 months. it is hard because a lot of these medications take a while to work and our body to adjust to them but its the time lost waiting to see if it will work. i dont think drs realise how hard it is to just bare with it for 3 / 6 months at a time. feels like life is just passing us by. is made worse when u know a 3 month appointment will prob take at least 4 anyway!! by the way it didnt work for me either x 

Hi, Deffo ring. I'm at a similar stage. My gynaecologist said I had to have the coil for at least six months had it in eight weeks and was dreadful my body must of known because it came out so I'm ringing the docs for a referral on Monday morning I want a lap! And I'm not backing down x

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