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does anyone else feel like their GP does not believe them?

my GP the first time i went actually listened to me and i felt as if she understood. after i had the ultrasound and it found nothing (which i expected as i know it doesnt show up a lot of times) i went back to her and she sort of dismissed me. it was well youre already on treatment for it there isnt really a lot else we can do. she also said lots of women have endo and they dont feel any pain and dont know they have it. i find this frustrating as if they had these symptoms it would be a lot different and would probably understand a lot more. i have been referred but i do feel as if it gets dimissed as 'your periods are just bad'. 

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yep I haven't been diagnosed yet but I went fr scand n came back clear n my doc jst dismissed me n said my symptoms n the fact I havnt been able to fall pregnant after 4 n half years isn't related. Keep pushin it you know your body n when theres something wrong x


Yes, I had a similar experience as a young adolescent. I fought for 6 years for people to hear me (and been fighting ever since in one form or other regarding this miserable disease). I was 13 when I first started my periods and my GP's position was "well all women have painful periods, so what is the problem?" as if having agonising pain every month is normal! My school nurse thought it was an excuse to skip classes, would give me Milk of Magnesia and send me back to class, so now I was nauseas as well as suffering terrible pain and having to hide it from my classmates and teacher, doubled over seated at my desk! Unbelievable! I blame her and my GP for not being supportive and I probably would have done so much better in my GCSEs and A' Levels had I had the support I needed. I complained ALL the time until my GP eventually referred me at 19 to my first gynaecologist who initially dismissed me also, saying I was too young for her to operate on me. Then after more moaning to her, she relented, performed my first laparoscopy (I have had 8 to date!) and a hysteroscopy and diagnosed mild to moderate endometriosis (stage 2/3)! I felt vindicated! At the time it was cyclical pain, later becoming pain all through the month as well as during my periods, and almost no pain free days.

It is true that some people have endometriosis and do not know they have it but everybody's body is different and she has no business dismissing you; she doesn't reside in your body; she doesn't feel what you feel; no one does. There are however many people who DO know what you are going through and struggle with pain all day, everyday, who fight for recognition, who come up against obstacles of all kinds since our disease is invisible, hidden. Personally, I think you have some choices: either see a different GP in future follow up appointments or keep on at her until 'she gets it' or raise the issue with her superior. Perhaps, also explain the situation to your gynaecologist/endometriosis specialist who will be keeping your GP up to date with whatever treatment, surgery, diagnostic tests, procedures etc. are performed.

Good luck and keep fighting like a girl!

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