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Got my appointment to see an Endo specialist , nervous but hopefully will get some answers. Meant to be doing uni work but I'm in bed just feel so tired and my right hip and leg are so uncomfortable. Sorry for the rant but I just don't feel anyone else understands. They all seem so tired of hearing about my problems and I'm pretty sure they think I have just convinced myself I have endometriosis. God I hope they're right but I also just want some answers. X

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  • Aw we all know the feeling of being a bit isolated well. Once you've been seen and if they find endo, everything will feel more action based rather than wondering and worrying. Hope your appointment is soon. X

  • Yeah I thinks everyone just thinks I'm lazy ha! Thank You :) x

  • Hi, I have just got my general gyny to refer me to bsge centre so am now waiting for appointment and like you I am nervous but just want to find some answers.

    Good luck with your appointment and I hope all goes well X

  • You too! Good luck x

  • I am the exact same. Feels as if no1 is listening n think ur exagerating. I don't even have my gyno appointment through yet. N in agony almost everyday. Its horrible. Hope your appointment goes well n u get answers x

  • Yep I wish I was exaggerating. I like to be left alone when I feel unwell so I think now I'm saying how I feel they think it's all new you know? It's my hip and leg, it drives me mad! Hope you get your app through soon! Good luck xx

  • yep its my left leg left, ovary area, left hip n very bottom of ma back like the top ov my bum. Thats allways sore it feels like theres sumit about to pop n pressure its horrible. Thanks misses. X

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