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Prostap longer than 6 months

Hi all, hope you having a good day.

Just had another appointment with general gyny (now getting referral to BSGE centre) and after 3 months on Prostap with no HRT addback, my cyst has reduced in size and my ca125 result reduced a lot. He has told me to carry on with Prostap for 3 months (hopefully see BSGE consultant privately in that time).

Has anybody been on Prostap (or similar) for longer than 6 months as my general gyny said that since it was working well it might be a consideration? He did say that I would need HRT with it but I thought you could only have Prostap for max of 6 months due to long term ill effects. I am nearly 44.

Thanks in advance :-)

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Hi Hun so long as you have hrt with I think it's ok to have it longer than six months , as the hrt will help protect heart and bones.

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Oh, ok thanks Jean. That might be something to talk through with bsge  specialist then now thanks X


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