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I don't feel the urge o urinate or so when I'm on periods, normal or not ?

Hello, I apologize if this would sound a little explicit,

 During my periods, I feel nauseous, dizzy and have painful cramps like every woman but there's this thing that is bothering me everytime during periods, I do not feel the urge to pee or to go to the toilet, like .. the normal casual "feeling" when one has to go to the toilet disappears, and instead i feel painful cramps down my belly until i actually go pee then the pain goes away or at least gets better. I want to know what is my condition, is it a normal thing or at least an special condition and not an illness I have ? It feels weird because I can't tell whether it's the actual menstrual cramps or if I have to urinate etc.

I'll be so grateful for your help, thank you in advance.

Best regards.

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I've not had that exactly but similar things I tend to get not much warning just a sudden feeling of needing to go urgently then I'm sometimes incontinent or sometimes do a little bit and then struggle to do more it is only during a period very weird I have no idea what is happening 

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