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Please Help. Need Advise I'm due to start Injections of Prostap. What am i to expect, side effects wise, and what are this Risk of having Prostap, how long after i stop taking this can i try for a Family with my Partner or can you get Pregant whilst on prostap. My Consultant didn't really give me that much advise apart from i may Suffer with Hot flushs and trying to google this is just boggling my Brain :( 

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I'm having my second course of Prostap currently. I felt really well during the first course after my lap and didn't have any side effects. This time I'm having it while I wait for my second lap. Its very important to use barrier contraception when you're on Prostap because if you fall pregnant it's dangerous for the baby. I think it's best to leave it 3 months or so after Prostap before you start trying to allow the medication to fully leave your body X


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