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UTI concerns

Hello Ladies, I hope this small post finds you all well.

Is been a while since I last posted and not only that but a wild time as well.

Although my stage IV endo has been giving me brief and was looking toward grey cloud times I become pregnant last year. I am now 5 months with a bouncing and moving baby boy. 

I wanted to ask you some advise for UIT concerns; although each time I 've seen the consultant they have keep my urine for further analyse due to residues each time they returned normal. On the other hand, my urine is quite colorful and smelly no matter how much liquid I take.  To me excepting the baby's movement I fell like a sick person.

I got bladder issues as I cannot empty it and I am constant feeling that I have some urine to pass but I can't, as well as my bowel , constipation is pressuring me as I now have only two movements of a week and I struggle to get those as well...  On top of these is been three months since I had my running nose and chills , is like nothing I can do will stop it...

I was wondering if any of you lovely ladies from here could advise me on what I can do? 

Have a lovely day !

Alina x

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