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A couple of questions?

Hey ladies, 

Hope your all having a good day, hopefully pain free,

I havent posted for a while but I am awaiting a lap to remove endo, I have moderate endo and adhesions, in both ovarian fossa, pelvic wall, pelvic ligaments broad patch and adhesions in pouch of douglas,

Over the past week I have been feeling really tired all the time, getting me down a little now, also over the past month or so I have had diarrhea type pain and diahrrea which I usually get pain when needing to open my bowels but not really had diahrrea before? Just worrying myself incase the endo could of spread a little onto my bowel? Also feeling nauseous quite alot. Not actually been sick though.

Just dont know what to do with myself at the moment, :(

Any help would be really appreciated

Thank you for reading ladies xxxx

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Hi if you have endo anywhere near the bowel ie pod it can effect bowels.are you being seen at a BSGE centre?


Hello hun :) 

Im under endometriosis specialist at general hospital, ice also been having alot of pain on my right side, im convinced ived got a cyst on my right ovary as I had an 8 cm dermoid cyst removed and appendix  few years ago before being diagnosed with endo, 

Rang gynae this morninf ans theyve just told me to and see my gp about the pain in my ovary and my bowels, xx


Hi Hun where are you in uk?


Im in england, stoke on trent, Staffordshire,  yourself? Xxx


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