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I feel odd

Strangest period ever! Came on 20th 3 days in and I feel really weird, spaced. In the week leading up I had the most excruciating pains in my back, abdomen, ribs, shoulders/neck, cluster headaches (pain around the eye) I could barely stand and I didn't walk for a couple of days, literally felt like the little Lego men, square and barely flexible. The my period comes and I woke up literally gushing black blood all over out bed :( it started as fast flow with constipation, all the pains disappeared and became more of a twinge. Today I had spasms and a pretty poor excuse for a bowel movement and more pain than the previous 2 days and my head is away with the fairies, reality seems to be far away in my ears, my eyes feel strained and there's a tumble weed between my ears singing 'they see me Rollin' they hatin'' my arms are so achy they feel like my knuckles are dragging on the floor. My fingers feel like they may fall off. Vertigo? Tinnitus? My ears ring on and off and I'm going dead in one ear, literally can't hear a thing except ringing! My eye balls feel like they've called backwards out of their sockets. GAAAHH what's going on?! Is this the new meds? Amitryptiline, Codeine, omg I need to go to sleep :( i also take omeprazole, paracetamol ive not needed to take Ranitidine in more than a week I can feel my ovary on the left its like a creme egg is it being encased again?! There's a growing list of things I should have done but honestly I just haven't got the energy or the desire to do anything but sit here and feel sorry for myself. I.Hate.My.Life! I've decided now my body shape was formally hourglass its now keg :( xx

*Rumbling is relentless in my intestines/bowel I'm not sure just all over top to bottom of my abdomen mainly in to the right though.

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Hi Hun I would give GP a call as it sound awful. I'd get checked out just to make sure don't suffer in silence. Take care of yourself Hun.

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Thanks Jean, I've had enough of my silly gp I'm in the process of trying to find a Dr with experience of the disease, I'm not having much luck at the moment but then the receptionist is enough to put me off in most cases, they HATE when you ask questions :/ they take it really personal like your just being nosey, in reality I'm just trying to find out if I'm wasting my time and theirs xx


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