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New to the forum, due gynae appointment soon. Fed up!

I'm 25yrs old and I've suffered with pain for approx 8yrs, when the pains first started I had gynae appointments, scans, tests etc. Followed by a laparoscopy which showed I had multiple large cysts on my ovaries which they believed to be causing the pain.

I also have social anxiety and a huge needle phobia, so when the pain didn't go following the cyst-lasering I gave up.

Years later I'm still in pain, it has become worse to the point where I now pass out with pain and have hit my head quite a few times when passing out too which isn't pleasant. It has also caused huge problems with my relationship, been with my partner for 5 years. He blames himself and says I don't find him attractive etc. that's why we can't have sex.

Well, we can have sex but it is such agony during and after that it isn't worth it to me. Sorry for the TMI but even orgasms cause me immense pain and swelling of the lower abdomen area afterwards, so again not worth having.

Since the 1st Jan I've had a cervical smear, a blood test, scans and I'm due to see the gynecologist on Tuesday 22nd. The doctor who referred me to the gynecologist believes I have endometriosis as nothing is showing up on the tests/scans.

I've been on anti-depressants since 1st Jan as these pains are ruining my life. I also run my own dog walking & training business and have 4 of my own dogs, I have now become "allergic" to dogs and have huge rashes, eczema and terrible asthma.

I now believe that the reason for this random huge flare up is possibly linked to the endometriosis.

I am so happy I have found this forum and that people understand!!!!

I'm looking for advice and what to say/push for at the gynecologist appointment on Tuesday. To be honest I'm at the point where I just want them to remove every internal lady parts I have just so I'm not in pain any more.

Any advice is very much appreciated, sorry for the essay!


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Hi, I would push for a laparoscopy this is the only real way to be diagnosed with endo, if you do have Endo, get a refferal to a bsge centre so you can see a specialist, good luck, make sure you write all your symptoms down so you don't forget, and a list of questions, x


Hi, taking all out doesn't mean you will heal you if the Endo is still there hiding.

But if you do find a specialist in Endo who thinks that taking out all and clear all your Endo helps then means you can have your life back so don't give up.

My specialist thinks that taking the uterus out will help me but I refused .

Try to read other stories similar with yours so you will have a good idea how is going to be but every case is different as every one is different and respond different to pain and treatment.Good luck


Thank you for the replies :)

I will keep a log of my symptoms to give to the gynecologist, I will also definitely push for a laporoscopy to know for sure. x


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