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I was diagnosed with endo two years ago after a smear that went from nothing to stage 3 cells within 6 months. been in agony for years and was brushed off with its all in your head or its constipation. anyway i have been having issues with going to the toilet for both peeing and pooping......im due to have my lap on monday if it even happens as a chest x ray i had last july has shown some abnormalities. well this evening i had not just a little bleed from my bowls but enough to suggest it was from a regular period. i have phoned NHS as its worrying and now im in pain thats getting worse. it started with what felt like razors internal external and at the base where my pelvic bone is and it is slowly moving its way up my stomach to my belly button and even my tailbone. i feel sick and feels like i have a lump in my throat because of the pain. im scared of having the op as it was without the result of the x ray and now this. just breathing is making the pain worse. :(

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This could suggest endo on your bowels and should be picked up during your lap, are you being treated at a bsge centre ??

Good luck Monday xx


Oh that sounds awful. I really hope you have a successful op and recover soon! Wishing that your pain goes away. Good luck.


Dear sabbs! I'm afraid you've got nothing else to do than just pass this operation. I understand it's scary. It was the same for me, but lapo really helped me to get rid of constant pains. As for your chest x-ray don't be considered in it. I guess this lies upon your doc to give you the green light for the operation. So if he says it's ok, you'll do it, please....

This is so bad you're feeling all that kind of pain!! It can't last so longer!! From what you've written I supposed my pains were a bit milder.. May God take care of you on Monday. xx


the pains get really bad to the point where i actually pass out. as much as i am scared of having the op i cant wait to finally get it sorted ive been having these pains since i was 11 and only got diagnosed 2 years ago. my pain medications dont even take the edge off anymore and docs refuse to give me anything stronger.

what is a bsge centre?


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