Shared my story

A friend of mine contacted a local paper and asked if they could write an article about endometriosis during the UK awareness week.

Was difficult to write because I imagine like all of you, we put on brave faces all 99% of the time. I just hope it gets the condtion spoken about and maybe will get other sufferes to push doctors to diagnose them to. If anyone wanted to share it to raise awareness then the links below!

Plus if any of yous have any comments then feel free!

Thanks guys!

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  • Well done, you should be proud of yourself!!!

  • So very proud of you babe you are one strong chick.

  • What a great idea! Well done xx

  • Thank you ladies! It means a lot. It's had 300 shares on facebook so far! I'm shocked that it's been so many! And only had 1 negative comment (that I've seen haha) but there is always one haa xxx

  • Well done to you. I recently did the same, was published yesterday in my local paper. Pity we can't get more stories into national papers.

  • Well done hun! I know it musnt have been easy! You're right.. maybe next year!? Haa xxx

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