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Back from consultants


Just home from consultant at my BSGE centre, nothing has shown up on my MRI apart from a thickened lining of the vagina, unusual apparently and could be endo, but not sure, so he has gone through my case and wants to do another laporscopy the check what's causing symptoms, (3months waiting time)

So until then he wants me to have a prostap injection to 1) control pain for the next 3 months and to see if I would benifit me to have overies out,

So my consultant is a nice man, easy to talk to, I'm not sure about prostap but I get the bit about wether to remove overies,

Pleased with the plan of action,

So a possitive appointment I think.


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Hi Hun I've been on Zoladex for last six months which is similar. It has helped with pain but the hot flushes can be horrid. I've found taking evening primrose oil and sage leaf tablets help a lot though. Glad it went ok. Hopefully he will be able to sort everything out and get rid of the pain for you. Take care

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