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Hi everyone. So I had my lap in dec by general gynae. No endo found!!

I saw a specialist on Friday and he was so helpful. He looked at my photos from the lap and said my womb looked bulky and I could have adenomyosis!! Why didn't the gynae see this when doing my lap??? I will never go to a general gynae again as I think they have missed endo as well.

The specialist said to go on zoladex for 3 months and if my pain is better then I most prob have adenomyosis. He said I can have hormone treatment or a hyst. I'm not good with hormone treatment so I will have to opt for the hyst.

I'm really worried about the whole thing but also a bit relieved this maybe the answer and I could be pain free (hopefully!)

Any advice/help on any of this would be great

Thanks xxx

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Hi , I have suspected adenomyosis too. I've been on Zoladex for the last six months and things have been better. Having hysterectomy, ovary removal, excision and possible bowel resection on 3rd March. Good luck with everything.


Hi thanks for your message. Good luck with your op hope you feel better after. It's so horrible having all this pain. The specialist said they would keep my ovaries in as I'm only 34. I have 4 children and don't want anymore but I feel really worried about having my womb taken out as I'm scared I may 'feel' different xxx


I know what you mean. Unfortunately for me I never had any children and that's all I've ever wanted. Everything seems so final all of a sudden even though I've been waiting months for this. I thought I had come to terms with the fact that I won't ever be a mum but the closer it gets the harder it is. Saying that , I do feel very lucky in the fact that I have an amazing husband which is more than I ever thought I would have. If you have any questions about the Zoladex let me know. Keep us posted Hun take care.

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