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Consultant meeting


Well I had my consultant this morning and I feel it went quiet well. Mr Aust feel that I may have Adenomyosis however this can not be fully diagnosed unless I have the womb removed.

I suggested having a Mirena placed back into me (it is happening under a local as it is too painful normally). We will give this 6 months and see how it goes, if it expels again like the first one or doesn't work then I will be given a hormone injection. If this injection eliminated my symptoms then I will be put forward for a partial hysterectomy.

I know reading this it may appear like I've been fobbed off, however, I have asked to give the Mirena another go. I have recently qualified and the thought of any operations in the near future was bringing me to tears. But I know I am being listened to and that I have a course of action in place, which compared to 9am this morning is amazing.

Thanks again Lindle for your advice, my consultant doesn't think it could be RV due to the times that I claim to have the pain, and that in fact the bowel issues I am having maybe to do with something else.

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Keep us informed of your progress. x


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