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Returning endo after a few months


I was diagnosed in August last year and had my first operation then some symptoms didn't seem right so I came back to the doctors that didn't really believe that it was back had another operation and it had returned and that was in January. The worst thing was even the doctor was surprised has anyone else had their endo come back within a few months.

Love to all the endo Warriors out there xxx

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Hey DNA123. I too had my first op last August and I'm feeling pains and symptoms like I had before. Do you mind telling me how much yours had returned? x


Hi - it is probable that new endo can form but assuming your lap was done in general gynaecology then it is more likely that they haven't removed it all rather than it having come back and/or have missed some. They usually use heat treatment to just burn the endo which often only treats the surface rather than removing it. I should seek referral to a speciaist centre - have a look at my post on how to find one.


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