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Hi everyone, ive been sterilized for 7 years now and ever since then ive been experiencing severe stabbing pains associated with a feeling as if a baby is moving in my lower abdomin. It literally feels like my ovaries wants to burst. What can this be and why is it so painful. This normally happens before my monthly cycle or after. Usually the pain lasts for a few seconds at a time and contues throughout the day and sometimes it happens for days on end. Last night i had and even more worse experience it felt like period cramps in my cervix associated with the normal stabbing pains in my ovaries. I know its not normal. Has anyone experienced this too?

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Hi it could be a cyst. Ask GP for ultrasound to check


sounds like it may be a cyst. there are lots of different types and not all need surgical removal. as jean says an ultrasound would be useful to see what is going on. if possible see if they can do a trans vaginal one at the same time as not everything shows on an abdominal one. good luck x


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