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MRI- but no endo? Even though I've previously had 3 laps to remove endo?

Morning all, I hope someone can help as I feel as if I'm going mad.

I was first diagnosed with endo 6 years ago via lap for appendicitis. Since then I've had to other surgeries to remove endo and adenos, my last surgery being august 2014. I am now back to the deep hip pain, heavy bleeding, spotting, bleeding after sex and generally feeling on my knees tired. I had a lump come up on my belly so went to see my consultant (at the John Radcliffe, Oxford) who thought it could be endo so best to MRI it and my pelvic area. 6 weeks later of me chasing results, I have now been signed off work for a week as I am so tired and my hip is so painful due to it being that time of the month. I have just had my results to be told the lump is not sinister or nor they think it is endo (huge relief!) and referal to different department. But it also says 'no active endo' was found...?! Help!!! I know what my body is doing and I'm sure that I have endo in my hip again. Am I imagining this? Does an MRI always show endo?! Please help I now feel like I'm mad!! xx

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Hi, I've just had a MRI, and have posted regarding this, Lindle has referred me to an article, read it, not all endo shows up on a MRI, it's not conclusive,

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Thank you, I shall look at the link


Iv had every scan going and not one detected any endo

Had my lap last March my right ovarie was bent down and stuck to the wall of my womb same with the left but never showed up on any scan

But last August it came back

iv lived with this for 22 years

The last 3 have been a nightmare

I'm now on HRT and injections once a month for the next 3 months

2 months in and It's has eased the pain

Day to day is still a struggle

And you do fill like your going mad

Hope it all works out for you

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