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Hi, I had a laparoscopy last Monday where they discovered I had endometriosis which has been burned off, but my question is about recovery time. I was originally told by my doctor that it is day surgery and I could expect to feel better by Friday,, but I ended up having to stay in hospital overnight and I'm still feeling terrible. I've had surgery a few times for various things and I've never had this before. I'm so tired, I get sore if I stand up for more than ten or fifteen minutes at a time and I'm having to nap throughout the day. Did anyone else have this problem? I'm meant to go back to work in two days and I'm not sure how I'm going to

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i was extremely tired for a good 2-3weeks after mine and had to nap several times throughout the day. i think some of it is to do with the anaesthetic and some to do with the strong pain killers i was taking. in the end i also had an infection which came to ahead by about week 3 and ended up not going back work for nearly 6 weeks. please rest up and listen to your body. if u dont feel ready for work you wont be!! i know some doctors may say for a diagnostic lap a woman should only need a week off but it seems to be a very small percentage that actually recover this quickly.

I felt exactly like dawntildusk but without the infection. Every woman's body takes a different time to heal. Some quicker than others. I hope you start to feel better soon

Thanks, I'm starting to feel a bit better but this is definitely not what I had expected! I feel like my specialist maybe didn't give me all the info I'd need to prepare myself. Is it normal to have mood swings/be hormonal? I'm assuming it is because they've been poking around and burning stuff off?

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