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I don't know what to do :(

Currently off work again due to period. I can't walk straight I'm in so much pain, back pain and abdominal. I'm losing blood when I go to the toilet and everything just hurts. I also feel dizzy every time I get up and just feel absolutely shattered.

My GP said she is going to write to the gynecology department and see what they recommend what to do with me.It doesn't help that she only works 2 days a week as well. Is there anyway I can just get referred myself. I am reluctant to go to A&E as I don't think they would do anything to help. I just can't go through this every month, I don't want to be off work.

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Morning I currently have a period and it's so draining isn't it, I have been up all night with the pain and having to change myself and wash as bleeding so heavy, I'm so dizzy and all I want to do is sleep, is there another female doctor at your practice as I have one I see all the time though another that's also very good when my other one is off, I'm currently trying to get ready having to sit down every 2 mins as I feel dizzy and sore and I have diorea now too, for an appointment at surgery after a rude receptionist, that's given me an appointment with a specialist nurse as my gp busy phoned at 8.30 as soon as appointment lines opened and was only 5th in clue so no idea why there no appointment with any doctor, sorry for the rant i didn't want to read and run, try another doctor at surgery and as for bloods you may be enemic I had my bloods done last week so hoping results are back when I go xxxxx


Hi, I went back to my GP and basically told her I want referring to a gynaecology department asap, she agreed and it will take a few weeks. I was pretty blunt with her to be honest i told her that I can't go on missing work/life due to periods and even if they find nothing wrong with me they can help me to manage my periods better. I'm now back at work but gosh I'm so drained, all I want to do is lie down. The bleeding has stopped but I'm still getting the sharp pains in my side and everywhere else. I think this is the first period where I have felt constantly dizzy every time I bent down or got up. Is it just me or do periods seem to get worse and worse?


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