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Hi ladies I have posted few times , I finally had my scan other day but before I will give use a bit of back ground on my situation

For last 2-3 yrs I have had abnormal bleeding sometime for 10 weeks in Trot back pain abdominal pain pain during and after sex severe bloating I look 8 months pregnant at times recent symptoms sore bowelmovents headaches back ache pain shooting through my bottom and up through my front weight gain , 2007 I had oopheretomy right ovarian cyst removed and ovary and I have finally had scan on Wednesday abdominal scan and internal ultra sound while doing internal lady asked me when I had last period etc and about few hrs after scan I started bleeding heavily and I am in a lot of pain down there and in abdomin any advice ? I'm quite worried and I need wait till my gun consultant looks at scan results and then depends on what results r he wants to fit mirena coil anyone share any similar symptoms or advice xxxxx

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Hi, that scan may not show up endo, I've had loads of X-rays and scans and nothing has shown up, I have endo, and had Adenomyosis, I think you should push for a referral to a BSGE centre, and then ask for a laperoscopy, have you been diagnosed with endo?



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