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Hi girls, I'm a newbie to this. I'm still waiting for a diagnosis at the moment. I have all the classic signs for endo and my GP & gynaecologist seem to think that is what it is. I'm due to have a laproscopy on the 4th of January but extremely anxious and nervous about it. I appear to have 2 fertility problems as I've been told endometriosis doesn't cause irregular periods. Does any one know if this is true or are there any other ladies out there suffering from a similar situation? X

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  • Hi I'm waiting to be diagnosed as well. I'm waiting for my lap which should be before christmas. I'm also really nervous but I'm trying not to think about it too much. I just want it over with now so I can find out what's wrong. I don't really suffer from irregular periods but I have been on contraception for years and only just stopped a few months ago so waiting for my periods to get back to normal. I'm pretty sure it can be a symptom of endo though. You will be ok. Good luck and keep strong xx

  • I came off the pill in 2013 for 2 years and they never regulated, the longest I went was about 4 months with out one . I went back on it this year for 6 months to try and regulate myself but now I've come off it again I'm back to being irregular. At least I might have some answers soon! Good luck with your laproscopy xx

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