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Please advice

Please advice


Had my lap on 9 March 2 endometriosis cyst was found they took it out during the lap, but the pain didn't settle,it was same my left side use to hurt a lot then Dr prescribed me with provera when started taking that for 2 months I felt better beside some mild side effect but later started bleeding.Dr stopped that and send me for scanning in that they found was this report attached.......Dr took my biopsy,no report yet I am getting horrible pain all over my lower back and pelvic worst area of pain is my same left side where they operated me.Can any one over here guide me please and advice me what is going on I am very scared when I google beside cancer nothing else .Please help me.

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I can completely understand you feel scared and lots of things going through your mind right now. I found some explanation of fibroids on NHS website.


When are you going to speak to GP again? I would advice you to call the sugery and discuss your worries and pain. You cant wait until they will get back to you, especially when you are feeling left in the dark. I do understand you want more information, but sometimes getting information from internet can make your anxieties worse.

Speak to professional and make sure you get your point accross and your worries. Write everything down and discuss this letter and ask what it means. It is your body, you live with pain and worries and you need dome answers.

Good luck!!!


Thnx Naomi

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