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Hormonal depression

Hi. I'm new here. I've not been diagnosed with endo but this seemed a good forum to ask about my problem. Every month, from day 8 to 21 I get depression. My doctor has put me on marvelon because as I'm back to myself in the luteal phase. Been on it for 10 days now and I've suffered no physical side effects. I've got my depression again, only it started on day 4. Just wondered if this pill should help me? Because I'm so worried. Apologies for this not being an endo question but I do have pcos. Hope someone can advise me because I've written on other forums and I'm getting desperate for answers

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Hi b17fan, I also suggest from hormonal depression Hun, I used to get it EVERYTIME my period was due had it when I had my wee boy when I had a miscarriage and when they out me in the pill the extra hormones make me worse, so I have been on citlaopram since end of September as the pill I was started on start of September may me really weeping low moody snappy didn't want to go out couldn't be bothered with anything or anyone's was so nasty and horrible to my oh I threw him out all cause he said hello whe he came in one day I was in verge of cracking big time so went back to doc asap and said you need to do something asap my body just can't cope with the extra hormones the citlaopram has helped I see a massive improvement. Sorry no1 has taken the time to reply to you in the past. Hope this can been of some ease to you and here if you want to chat xxxx


Those tablets will probably take longer than 10 days to properly get into your system and to work to there ful potential. Hope they start to work soon and you start to feel more like yourself Hun xxxx


Thankyou for your replies. My depression lasted 7 days from day 4. It's now day 19 and I've felt low from day 17. Could be post ovulation depression? Just hope marvelon will help me because I'm worried it won't. Guess it will take a few months to get into my system properly. Just hope I get my good week at Christmas!


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