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Advice needed please help

I've had a terrible time with zoladex (prescribed for small fibroid) which have included 2 emergency admissions to A&E, fainting more than once & extreme pain.

I just wondered whether anyone else has refused zoladex as i'm too ill to continue with it and unfortunately have been told to have it for a few months yet.

Thanks for your help xx

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Hi, sorry your struggling with this, I was offered this before I had my hysterectomy for my Adenomyosis and I refused it, personally didn't see the point of it, but I'm not sure what it dose for fibroids,

If your feeling to poorly on it you don't have to carry on with it, it's your choice,

What are your other options,

Do you have endo too,

Hope you feel better soon,


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Thank you :) yes i have endo too. Very difficult to know what to do when a dr insists on it but will hold my ground. Keeping my fingers crossed there will be an alternative if i do refuse.

Thanks so much again for your reply



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