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Contender for the most random (Pre) diagnosis?

So I feel like a bit of a cheat reading some of your stories on here. My case is definitely not as severe as most but then again my diagnosis has come about in a particularly random way.

Prepare yourself for a long story.

Back in September, I decided to go abroad on my own. Might sound daft but I wanted to prove to myself that I could do it and also I needed to get away for a bit. I ended up going to Majorca.

All was well until the last night where I'd had a bit to drink. I remember sitting at the bar talking to some random German bloke and the next thing I knew I was waking up in my hotel room, naked, with my phone going off. It was my mother panicking, asking me if I was OK because I'd sent her strange messages asking for help and talking about 'these weirdos'. Suffice to say that I was either wickedly drunk or I had been spiked, but either way I'd lost a good 4-5 hours from my memory. I had no idea what had happened during that time.

Anyway to cut a long story slightly shorter, I panicked and went to tell the hotel reception. At this point feeling like crap but not feeling too drunk. They called the police and the police took me to the hospital to get checked out.

As I had a hole where my memory should be and couldn't account for my actions (or indeed anyone else's); I had them check everything plus requested the morning after pill. They also gave me a shed load of antibiotics... just in case. - note -on reflection I don't think anything actually happened physically, I didn't feel like I had been violated- though I did have bruises on my arms. The hospital didn't find anything to indicate anything had happened either. If it did I don't remember.

As well as a vaginal examination, the Majorcan hospital ended up doing an internal ultrasound on my pelvis, at which point they asked 'do you know you have a cyst on your ovary?'. I had no idea.

Thus began my journey of finding out what this was.

My symptoms have been intermittent for about 2 years. One period is bearable, the next is horrible rolling cramps up through my abdomen towards my chest. Some nights I have woken up with the pain, stumbled to the bathroom and nearly passed out so I've have to sit curled up on the floor with my head on my knees until I could return to bed. I guess I should have raised this with my GP when it first started happening but I can be a bit of a hypochondriac anyway so I thought it was just normal to feel crappy and have pain - I literally am my own worst enemy.

I must note though that my pain is mostly limited to the first couple of days of my period, it does not occur everyday, a fact for which I am thankful. I don't know how some of you guys bear it everyday and, learning more and more about this disease, I doff my hat to you all. I do get pain when 'passing a stool' though and my God it's horrific. I also get random twingey type aches on my right side which I'm now putting down to this condition, where before I thought it was only IBS. I do have episodes of depression-like states as well but they don't tend to last too long.

Anyway, once back in England I organised a visit to the doctors and sat there all embarrassed and told my story, was examined again and eventually had another ultrasound.They confirmed that I have a 60mm cyst on my right ovary. The nurse told me then and there that she suspected a chocolate cyst type endometrioma. I again had no idea what that was (thanks internet) but I was somewhat mortified that they compare it to chocolate.

I was told to go for further investigations. I have private healthcare with my job so I have been to see a consultant and I now have my laparoscopy booked for the end of January.

After reading some other's accounts, I feel like I have stumbled across the fact that I have this disease (I'm pretty certain it's Endo even before having the lap) whilst others have had years of pain and suffering and I just sauntered in and booked my surgery. Frankly though, apart from my ridiculous debacle in Majorca, this is how it should be for everyone really. Why this disease is so overlooked or misunderstood, I have no idea.

I think that the laparoscopy is the best decision for me as the cyst is only going to get worse and with it, the monthly pains. I am a bit anxious about the recovery though. I shall be scouring this site for any tips pre\post surgery.

Thanks for letting me share my story and well done if you read all that!

Mel :)

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How awful but how brilliant were the Majorca hospital. I only found out I had endo when I had a large chocolate cyst. Because it was so big I was operated on relatively quickly. In hindsight I've had endo symptoms for years and have had a few ruptured cysts which were sooo painful but gp put down to ibs.


Indeed, they were pretty good- especially as it was like 3am. At the time I was rather distraught to appreciate it but they didn't charge me or anything and I didn't have to get my travel insurance involved either which was another great relief. :)

Would you mind telling me how large yours was? No worries if not.

Yes, the thought of my cyst rupturing is frightening! Especially if I'm driving or something.

Thanks for your comment :)



I'm so sorry you had such an awful experience!

Regarding your cyst rupturing, I'd like to try to ease your worries... I had an 8 cm endometrioma in my right ovary rupture. The pain came on over the course of a couple hours, so probably it wouldn't be that you'd be driving along and suddenly unable to control the car. It did hurt a lot, but I ended up in the ER and they gave me painkillers for the few days until things healed up. It hurts but is generally not dangerous.

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Hey thanks for your comment! :) that is reassuring to know. Hopefully I'll have my lap to remove it before it decides to go pop on me.

All the best x


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