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shooting pains after laparoscopy and cyst removal?

I had my laparoscopy on Monday to remove a ruptured ovarian cyst that had leaked fluid everywhere, I was in hospital for 2 nights. I felt very tender when I came home but was on pain relief every 4 hours which worked well but over the last 2 days I've had shooting pains where they have cut me and period like pains even though I'm not due on yet, is this normal healing process? The pains hurt more when I try to walk about which I can't do much of yet.

The hospital signed me off work for 1 week but said to get longer from my GP when I went to see her, she has just signed me off for another 2 weeks as I am very tender and a bit swollen! I'm a nursery nurse so a lot of lifting, sitting on the floor ect... How long was you off work for? I'm getting annoyed at not being able to do everyday things :( how long does it take the average person to recover?

Thanks :)

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