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Recovering from Laporoscopy

Hi there, this is my first post and i am very newly diagnosed. I had my lap yesterday 24/11. The lap was just diagnostic as no one new what it was i was suffering from although i had an idea. I suffer from the painful periods, pain throughout the month, very heavy bleeding, tiredness and lethargy and because of the bleeding i also am slightly anaemic. But during my lap yesterday they discovered Endo, i am not dure what the extent of it was but i will be going back to see my specialist within the next 6 weeks. Whilst removing the endo they accidentally perforated my womb wall, has anyone else experienced this before? Im am in aginy with it today!!

Thank you :)

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Hi there, I am 16 days post lap, I had quite a substantial amount of endo removed. I am still in pain everyday but it's more like a bad period pain now so can cope with it. Cannot offer any advice on perforation, but just wanted to say you are not alone x


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