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7cm endometrioma/IVF..surgery, drainage or leave alone?

Surgery or no surgery? Previously had a ruptured RS Fallopian tube due to ectopic pregnancy. During surgery they found and removed a large endometrioma on left ovary. Now undergoing IVF and they just found the recurrent endometrioma on left side. They've scared me with the worst case scenario...torsion of ovary during pregnancy. However, not keen on undergoing another surgery for excision that could affect fertility. The priority is to get pregnant.... Soooo. Do I have surgery, proceed forward and hope for the best, or ask if the can simply drain it right before ivf? Any help or insight would be greatly appreciated....

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I think to my knowledge they try to leave cysts alone as I have one on my left ovary but I would ask them if they can drain it but sometimes doing surgery to the ovary can affect the ovary so I would maybe go for the ivf but make sure that u discuss all ur options with ur consultant I wish u all the best and goodluck xx


Thank you so much for your response. Do you know the size or type of your current cyst? It's nerve wrecking, just want to make the right decision and they scare you with worst case scenarios. A RN told me that many women go through pregnancy with cysts. Thank you for the well wishes! Love and happiness to you and yours!


Hi I have 3 cm follicular cyst but got one on my right ovary last year but it went away on it's own Hunni xx


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