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Hello Ladies,

I know who ever comes on this site comes because of the some how similar challenges, i'm 28years old and I have severe endo I have been on zoladex for 4 months and during my first 3months I had my regular periods but at the 4th injection my periods stopped it has now been 3month since then, but I have too much thirst and I sweat a lot in the night,i get weak every time, I can't stand for 20mins in one place other words I feel like fainting and plus the hospitals are expensive here in Uganda, so what should I do please I need your help

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You could possibly need some HRT to subside the side effects. I had prostap injection which gave me flushes particularly at night, headaches and constantly felt sick (it felt like motion sickness) but the HRT definitely helped


thank you so much for this advice Megan!


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