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Relief to be actually diagnosed

Had my first lap yesterday, having been told by my GP that he doubts I have endo a year ago and having to force referral. Surgeon found and removed some on my right ovary, pouch of Douglas, bladder and a large endometrioma from my left abdominal wall. There was also some that couldn't be removed from my urethra and near my bowel in case of damage. Will have to wait and see the benefits before I consider more surgery for the remaining, but would need to be at a specialist centre. I feel relieved to finally be able to say for certain it's endo, and can't wait to tell my GP about the large endometrioma on my left side after him almost smirking at the fact I swell on my left side when I have a period. So in summary I'm in pain and physically feel awful, but mentally feel quite good. Well today anyway 😊

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Glad you got a positive outcome despite the pain. So its a tongue out to gp along with a big fat nernernernernerna !


Ah yes of course 😛😛😛😛


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