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Chest pain and possible endometriosis symptoms

Hi all,

I have heard about the connection between chest pain and endo, but I am having difficulty finding information on it and thus determining if what I am experiencing is related to endo.

Some background information: I am 21 years old, and have not been diagnosed with endometriosis, but I do have a doctors appointment with a gp later this week to discuss. My symptoms are irregular and infrequent periods (4-5 per year), when I do have a one it is heavy, with what I believe to be a significant amount of clotting, cramping (not extreme, but definitely severe enough to inhibit normal activity), significant lower back pain at beginning of period, diarrhea, fatigue (all the time, but especially during period), small amount of rectal bleeding (really only a drop or two). In high school I attributed the irregular periods to the fact that I was an endurance athlete and was vegetarian (but with a very healthy diet, and never had low iron levels). I expected them to regulate in college (as I do not do extreme exercise and am no longer veggie) but there have been no changes in over 3 years.

However what I am most curious about are my undiagnosed chest pains. It is difficult to explain - but here is my best description. They do not coincide with my period, but they do seem (somewhat?) cyclical. I normally wake up with the pain directly to the right of my sternum, on the chest area above my breast but below the collarbone. The pain is sharp and shooting, and is aggravated by movement. If I figure out the perfect position to lay in (usually involves laying in a way that sort of stretches out my chest), I will be pain free, but any small shift in movement results in severe pain. It is also sore to the touch in that area (but does not cause severe shooting pains like movement does). The pain normally only lasts one day, although it has lasted up to three days before. I may experience extremely slight chest tightness while this is occurring, but I honestly may be imagining that. I used to believe the pain was somehow due to sleeping in the wrong position, but I have been told by the doctor that this is not likely. I experience the chest pains at least once every 6 weeks or so.

Sorry for the long post, I was trying to be as descriptive as possible in hope that someone has some insight as to what is going on. I would be extremely grateful if anyone had any thoughts on my situation at all, and if these symptoms are possibly due to endo. Thank you!

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I have had very similar pains. I am diagnosed with stage 4 endo. I wasn't diagnosed until I gave birth to my son. Right before I got pregnant with my son I had these chest pains. Mine are just left of the breast bone, near my heart almost, and are very sharp. Especially when inhaling. For some reason mine always seem to come more often in the morning, or over night while i am asleep (or trying to). I had gone through multiple pulmonary tests, as well as having and echo cardiogram and ekg, and other scans. Everything came back perfect as far as my lungs and heart. My doctor eventually said it was just heart burn or acid reflux. I know what those are and that is not what this is! Well within a few weeks i got pregnant, and miraculously my symptoms went away. I have had excision surgery of my endo twice since then, and the chest pains have not returned since before I was pregnant, now 2 years ago. Until about two months ago the pains returned. Also, within the past two months my general endo symptoms are worse then ever before, and am returning to a specialist next week. I'm thinking this is not a coincidence. I also came across a forum recently discussing rare lung endo. This woman had very similar chest pains, and it turns out it was all due to her lungs being attached to her chest cavity wall, and in return causing a collapsed lung, etc, etc. Lung endo is very rare as far as I have read. I am wondering if this is what our pain is. Super curious. I will be sure to bring this up to the specialist next week. Good luck with everything! I hope we all get answers soon!

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