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Diagnostic laparoscopy!

Hi just looking for some advice. After seeing a consultant I started decapectyl injections for endometriosis. The injections worked great and I had no symptoms. However after 3 months I was found to have high BP so had to stop. I'm now on meds for BP and im booked in for a diagnostic laparoscopy plus treatment if required, in November. I'm just wondering what to expect and about recovery time. I work as a midwife in a very busy labour ward doing 12 hour day and night shifts. Thanks all help appreciated x

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Hi Clare

I was the same as you - had 10 months of symptom free using Decapeptyl. I had my lap in August and was found to have severe Stage 4 rectovaginal endo and also adenomyosis :( As I had been great with Decapetpyl my consultant and I had decided during the lap to take out my ovaries and tubes (I am 43 and no desire to have children, fortunately) so I am not on HRT. We hoped this would alleviate the endo symptoms.

As for the lap, the first 3 days I stayed in bed and rested, I was stiff and sore to get in and out of bed but didnt need anything other than paracetamol to keep the pain away. My tiny scars were fine and I can hardly notice them now. I was off work for 2 weeks and just took it easy with no lifting, ironing :) and went for walks every day to build up my strength. I think that listening to your own body is best as everyone is different. I probably could have gone back to work a few days earlier than planned but decided to take the full two weeks to ensure I was fit upon return. It paid of for me as I was fine.

Unfortunately 3 months in my symptoms returned over the weekend, albeit to a lesser extent. As my endo is still in there, the consultant is saying that a full hysterectomy would be the next step.

If I was to offer any advice - ask them to treat any endo when they are in at the time of lap to avoid having to have further surgery at a later date.

Good luck and hope all goes well.

Take care,

Julie xx


Sorry, that should read "I am now on hrt"


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