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Endometrial cyst

Hi suffered for years with chronic pain, difficulty sitting and standing it feels as though there is a growth at my tail end. Horrendous contraction like pains I could just cry with, pain in tops of thigh lower back, pelvic area lack of sleep crave for sweet things, terrible blood clots, constipation then the runs. Have bled at times, eventually cyst was found monitored it's growth for 10 months, mri done this confirmed it was endometrial cyst and the tube and ovary were to be removed . This was done 4 weeks ago, consultant said I was being referred to endometriosis Clinic and he prescribed northristerine to be taken daily no more info was given, two weeks after op had too go back hospital horrendous pains thought may be an infection , don't know whether it was luck but a young doctor remembered me and took me aside and said , operation was a lot more complicated than they anticipated, cyst was a lot bigger and it was attached to my pelvis, but also that it was in my bowel, so they could only removed the cyst ...and the reason im being referred to the endo clinic, I feel as though my insides are ripping every time I move feel nauseous tired just really fed up, I don't know when i will be seeing other chap but Young doctor said my consultant needed to know if he has to do anything else off the endo chap?? I feel so low and miserable I struggle too walk with a limp sorry if I don't make sense there are just so many symptoms I'm feeling, but the most hurtful thing was when another consultant said to have an IUD fitted, I'm in total agony and need this sorting has anyone else been through anything similar

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Wow sounds like your having a really rough time.

I have cysts and poplys and restricts my day to day.

All I would say is keep chasing your doc/treatment as they need be informed.

even go a & e as it's not normal to be suffering in pain.

hope you get better soon. Hugs xxxxx

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Thank you....I am going to chase next week so hopefully will get some answers...I just totally fed

Up of the whole thing...xx

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