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Hi. Ive had endo for about 10 years but only diagnosed 5 years ago. So far had 3 laps, my right ovary and tube removed, my womb ablated and mesh implants to strengthen my pelvic wall where repeated surgeries had weakened it. Ive been in and out of hospital for endo flare ups where basically I got bed rest and morphine. Not a cure but a small rellief. Anyway, I decided to give acupuncture a go and found it very helpful in managing the pain and the medicine the yukky definitely helps with my energy. Sadly Ive just been referred back to hospital to see a Urologist as there now appears to be something growing in my bladder and the pain is back with a vengeance. Has anyone out there had a camera into their bladder? Im dreading it? I'm also now about to be dismissed from the job that I've done and love for the past 22 years because of this dreadful disease I just wanted to say thanks for this inspiring community you have as I realise I am not alone and perhaps one day we may get the support and empathy we deserve for keeping going xxx

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