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Any more advice on people who have actually been diagnosed with endo?

Are these any of the symptoms of endo?

Painful cramps in my stomach back and pelvic area when on my period

heavy bleeding and clots

painful intercourse

painful when passing stools

always tired and worn out feeling

headaches constantly

swelling in my stomach randomly and also after anything i eat i swell up and find it very uncomfortable

problems in weight gain tried dieting but nothing seems to be working.

depressed feeling most of the time.

diarrhoea and constipation when on my period.

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I've recently been diagnosed with endometriosis and a lot of the symptoms you've listed were symptoms that I suffered with..

Painful heavy periods, pain when passing stools, lethargy, really intense pelvic cramping and lower back pain, pain during intercourse.

Pop and see your gp and have a chat with them about what you've been experiencing and they'll give you the advice you need.

Hope this helps! x


yes this is a great help to me...i had a transvagnal scan i have a feeling when i get my results that they will say there isnt anything to be concerned about...i mean when i started getting the bad pains my doctors reply was basically you are a woman and these are normal things.

who actually diagnosed you was it your gp or did you see a endo specialist?

and if you dont mind me asking have they said anything about your fertility being affected by this?


I saw several doctors for 18 months before I finally put my foot down and said I need to find out what it is, so they referred me to see a gynaecologist who then referred me to have a laparoscopy, which I had last Friday, they found endometriosis and treated it at the same time.

She didn't say anything about fertility but I've booked in to see my gp next week to talk about that as I didn't think to ask at the time.


at least they have finally disgnosed you and treated it now...now you can get the proper support to help you cope better with it.

keep me updated when you find out would love to start trying for a baby but until i know what this is i dont want to risk anything.


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