Concerned about strange symptoms

Hi there,

This is not the most pleasant post you are going to read and I apologise about the content but I am really concerned.

The last couple of days when going to the toilet I have been passing what can only be described as like an orange mucus. When my endo flares up I frequently have troubles with my bowel (either constipation or the other extreme) but now all I am getting is a lot of flatulence and this weird stuff. I get a lot of pain with it to which isn't unusual but I was just wondering if there was anybody else that had experienced the same thing?

Apologies again for the TMI just hoping that I'm not alone!

Thanks in advance


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  • Hi Beth,

    I don't have it regularly anymore but I've had mucus from my bum before. Mainly when trying or when I've been for a number 2, so much so (this is grose) that when I wipe, it's all on the tissue and really slippy lol!!! It sometimes also coats my poo. Sorry to be so graphic.

    I thinks it's related to ibs, another one of the things that comes with endo xxx

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