pls help

I had endo 2 years ago and got zoladix for 6months, then I did IVF and got pregnant my baby got birth last January 2015.. . I started to us Microlut tab to prevent pregnancy for 7 months with no stop until now without period..

I have now 2 opinion from 2doctors..

1. to stop the tab to let the period come for one time. then continue using the tab again without stopping to prevent period.. that will prevent endo from getting back.

2. continue using the tab for another 3months untill my baby have 1 year old and stop.. to try again for another baby..

pls help to choose the best to me


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5 Replies

  • First of all, congrats on the birth of your baby, that's the stage I am at now & looking forward to the IVF journey.

    Well if I were in your shoes, I would choose the 2nd option as the 1st is just one month of stopping Zoladix. You know best in terms of how you feel so choose the option that you think will work best for you. All the best...x

  • Many thanks for ur reply.. wish u all the best in the IVF.. ☺

  • Lovely to hear a positive ivf story, me and my partner attempted ivf last year which failed, I was only 23 at the time and was almost given false hope of the chances due to me being young, I was so excited and nervous whilst I was undergoing treatment. But as I said it failed, we are about to try for a second time which we are having to pay for. If I was you and able to try for another baby I would grab the chance with both hands x

  • wish u the best luck in ur second time dear.. try to be calm during the treatment and everything will be ok. ☺

  • Hello, very happy for you, im in the same road, i was diagnose with endometriosis. Right now im in my first month of zoladex 😕, and hopping it will work to stop my endo and also better chances of getting pregnant. Just wondering if u were able to have ur second child. Thank u in advance

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