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I'm on esmya nearly 3 months and have to go to the hospital in October to see if my fibroids shrink. I pray they have because I won't be going back on them. The side effects are so bad first month I had chest pain I thought i was taken a heart attack. Then followed by major stomach pains that I still have. Then the head aches then the nausea I can't wait to come off them. They have me feeling terrible I think that the pain from the fibroids in the first place is noting conspired to being on esmya. My body cant take much more the side effects are too bad

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I've to go back this October to see if mine shrunk I hope they have too as the side effects are so bad I'd opt for my womb to be taken out that go through those side effects again of esmya


Hi I hvnt got any fibroids but was given esmya to treat pain I have been on it 3 month & now have to have a break. I took my last tblt on Friday & I am now completely crippled with low abdomin pain, stomach & back this pain is really really bad I crnt walk. Is this normal? Thank you


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