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Do I have endometriosis?

Im 19 years old and i've had irregular periods for about 2-3 years now. Since then, about once a year, I'd have my period for about 2-3 months, constant bleeding but no pain. Blood flow was never too heavy, mostly normal. I went to a doctor and was put on birth control for 2 months. Everything got better, but a year later the same thing happened and now i am on birth control again. It's been 2 months so far and i am on my second week of my new bc pack. I started getting this sharp pain in my vaginal area. The pain comes and goes and sometimes depends on the way i am sitting. After the first night of pain i started to bleed. It was very light bleeding and it never showed up on a pad, only when i wipe myself. This is the 3rd day of bleeding and pain and now I am getting menstrual like blood from my rectal area. I started getting diarrhea and would bleed. There is no pain though, besides the one i mentioned earlier. I've looked up the symptoms of endo and they're similar to what I'm experiencing. Im also a virgin, so I don't have any of the sex related symptoms. I'm really scared and embarrassed. I don't have anyone to talk to and I'm afraid to go to a doctor and Im hoping this will all just pass and be nothing. Im thinking about waiting a week to see if it goes away, or else I'll end up seeing a doctor. Any help will be much appreciated.

It's not really medical advice I'm looking for, but I want to hear your symptoms and see if there are similarities. What are your thoughts on this issue I'm having?

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I would book a GP appt ask for a referral to your Gyne at your local hospital they will run some routine checks I am sure. My symptoms stellar red with abdominal pain like a pulling sensation then I had like a bee sting sensation in my tummy and terrible back ache I then started to feel like my balance was off side and I would sometimes become light headed irregular periods painful cycles but little blood then it would change colours and become heavier constantly feeling unwell and the pain became so unbearable I was admitted to a and e several times. Symptoms do vary so be mindful that not everyone is the same def get checked out and insist my GP left me seventeen months before I was taking seriously now my case is quite complex hope you get some answers soon and this info has helped a little


I meant my symptoms started with....


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