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Reluctant to take hormones

Hi, I've just had my two week follow up after excisional surgery. This was my second surgery after being diagnosed 6 years ago. My specialist wants me to try vissane. I'm very reluctant as I have tried 3 different pills in the past all of which made me severely depressed and non functional. It took me a long time to feel like my normal self after these experiences. I got the impression that my specialist thinks my endo will likely return and progress unless I take hormones to suppress it. So now just feeling really guilty, that I have made this decision and if I become symptomatic it's my own fault. Also feeling like I have to choose between pain or depression/mania. Are there any ladies out there with severe endo who have chosen to abstain from hormones? And.. Which drugs have you tried?

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Hi :) I literally just posted about this yesterday/the day before, sorry you're in a similar position. I get awful side effects from hormones and psychiatric meds so just don't feel I can risk it. I know I might be setting myself up for more health problems in the future but becoming suicidal again is a more immediate risk, so at the moment I'm coming down on the side of not taking hormones. It's such a hard decision though, I feel for you.

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Hi. Thanks for replying. I feel like a bit of a dummy, missed your post by a day. I've just been reading some of the responses. Now I'm even more conflicted.


Even if you had noticed it it's still good to write your own post, everyone's experience is a bit different! I bet lots of people are in a similar situation if we can write about the same thing a day or two apart.


It's worth noting that I have been hormone free for six years since my first lap. My endo did return with a vengeance but was probably going to either way as it was severe when diagnosed and the technique that my (then) non-specialist ob/gyn used was ablative not excisional. I just feel that I'm on another level now as my (now) endo specialist has hinted that it is likely to return even after excision. I feel I have a responsibility to do everything to stop it. But that will likely come at the expense of my mental health. Impossible decision.


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