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Back on mirena

So here I am again after being diagnosed with endometriosis almost 7 yrs and being on the mirena 6yr ago . Was fine with it for the 5yr no pain but gain about 15lb came off it last year and a year to date I had to be rush to emergency due to pain spent 5hr had a great emerg doc refered me to a great gyn who said I know you don't like the mirena but if it work the first time let do it again my problem is I have an inverted uterus which make it extremely hard to place it in last one took the gym almost an hour and I was in so much pain afterward my new gyn stated that he is aware and will make sure that he will do his best take some pain med before coming in (LOL) ok... I am 45 I just want it all out why won't they do it! I don't want to gain the weight again I just lost it and got back into Jean I haven't worn in 6 year and in 5 year when it comes out again the pain will come back full force what do you all think

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