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To worry or not to worry


I have been having random little dizzy spells lasting about 5min.

Is it the gabapentin or something else? I have been on gabapentin for a while and it's just started. But I'm feeling more pain these days and its always when I'm in pain that it happens.

I'm just a bit worried in case it's a sign that the gabapentin isn't working anymore or I need to increase/decrease the dose or come off it.

I know you can't just stop taking them and have the slowly come off them so I don't want to stop taking them

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I was on Gabapentin for 5 years and it did used to make me feel dizzy, what dose are you on? Maybe you just need it reviewing as I has to have my dose upped. I suggest you see your gp and hopefully get you sorted out hope all goes well for you


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