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Endo and depression

I've suffered from bouts of depression ever since I hit puberty, but it's got worse in tandem with the endo. I've read that there's a link between endo and depression, but does anyone know what that link is? I know that chronic pain is depressing in itself, and that the fatigue I get with PMS isn't much fun either, but is that it or is there something else - related to hormone levels or inflammation maybe? I've only just been diagnosed and I'm trying to find out everything I can!

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I have haven't heard of any inks between the two but all I can tell you is ive had stage 5 endo for years and full hysterectomy two years ago. Im 35 and suffered depression along side this awful disease too so maby there is a link : )


I too suffer bouts of depression, I looked at lot of places asking the same thing, my impression is that it is linked and I may have some things book marked I'll post anything I find xx

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thanks :) lots of places suggest it's linked, I've even seen a vague sentence on Endometriosis UK, it's just really hard to find anything specific!


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